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The Singer

February 18, 2013

First posted 5Jan20121 at my site

She watched him from across the room as he lowered his head and reached out for the microphone in front of him.  His eyes closed slowly and as the music grew he lifted his head and began to sing softly.  At first she didn’t hear the words he sang as the melodic warmth of his voice wrapped itself around her.  The darkness of the small theatre they were in was almost complete and the only light came from the soft yellow spotlight that haloed his still form.

Then the words became clear, he sang of need and want and love all mingled together as his eyes opened and connected with hers.  She knew he couldn’t see her, the spotlight had to be blinding to him even as it allowed her to see him.  But she could pretend every word from his lips was aimed straight at her heart and she fought not to close her eyes in order to increase the potency of the song wanting to remember every moment of this night instead.  Grey blue eyes seemed to focus on her and she felt a tingle start in her throat and spread warmly through her chest.   His lips glistened as his tongue caressed them following a long held note and she held her breath as the music swelled seemingly in response.  He took a bow and the light grew around her.  He then looked up and met her eyes again she knew that he had seen her, he had been watching her all along.  Running a hand over close cropped hair he seemed suddenly bashful.  She clapped harder but couldn’t tear her eyes from his.  Finally she returned a small smile of her own and he nodded shyly.  Stay he mouthed the word and she fought not to glance behind her fearful that he aimed the plea at someone else.

The lights blacked suddenly and she was surprised when they returned at full strength and he was gone.  Blinking and staring around the room she wondered what to do now, should she leave?  Maybe she should.  Turn herself into a mystery woman with the outcome of the night never to be known before it could fully form the thought passed and instead she made her way to the bar.

Glass of slowly forming bubbles in hand she hovered uncertainly.  She had no wing man to hide behind or to disappear into conversation with and therefore she felt too exposed, suddenly too obvious.  Subtly looking around the room and at the people mingling around her she watched them laugh loudly positioning themselves in the best poses and displays.  Beautiful girls were dressed in tiny tight brightly flowing dresses and shiny high heels and they appeared to be having so much fun as they danced with and around each other.

Oh god, was she just a lesser version of them, watching and hoping for the attention of the one they had all come here to see.  She was not even dressed to demand attention, having come to the theatre straight from work, her sensible shoes kept her height close to the one she held in bare feet.  Her work clothing was plain and dark in colour and she shook her head at herself sadly.  What was she doing hanging around like this?  Decision made she gulped at her drink to finish it quickly so she could go.  She entertained herself by imagining which one of the lovely beauties standing around he would chose, the blond with the long dancers legs or the red head with the jaw dropping chest and of course the brunette in the corner and… Suddenly the high pitched laughter around her increased and there was a stampede as he appeared at the entry to the bar.  He was instantly smothered by bright colours and strong clashing perfumes.  She watched for a moment, her natural humour surfacing for a second in bemusement of the spectacle they made and she made small bets to as to who would be the winner of this frenzied free-for-all.

A blond held his arm in what looked like a painful grip but another dark haired girl had managed to secure his attention for the moment.  Laughing quietly to herself she turned back to the bar. The evening was over for her now but she now had fuel for the many great fantasies about this night to come as she finished the remainder of her drink, collected her bag and headed for the door.

A hand on her arm stopped her as she reached for the push bar of the door.  Wait a soft voice pleaded gently in her ear.  The hand was warm on her skin and the fingers long and strong wrapped around her wrist to hold her still.  Her eyes followed along the fingers, across a very male hand and along a strong arm before she turned to see him standing beside her.  She could see now that his blue eyes were tinged with grey specks now that she could see them up close and she was easily able to read the question he projected in them as his words touched her ear again.  Please stay.

She gasped, it was suddenly like there was no air left in the room around her.  He was so tall up close, towering above her and yet she was not intimidated in the slightest.  There was that vulnerability around him again that gave her strength to nod and whisper okay back to him.  She felt his warm breath caress her face as he leaned closer.  Can I get you a drink?  She nodded agreement and allowed him to lead her towards one of the low booths in the back of the bar.  She was oblivious to the glares and stares coming from the now silent girls scattered around the room.  She had won without even entering the battle for him because unlike their aggressive attempts to get his attention earlier he had only wanted hers.

She sat down with a sigh glad to be off her aching feet and wondered at what would happen now.  He disappeared momentarily but re-appeared as though he had never left with two long stemmed glasses and pressed one gently into her hand, his fingers brushing against hers before returning to stroke them again as they trembled around the glass.  Hey he said and smiled. His confidence seemed to have returned with his success at convincing her to stay.  She took a sip too quickly and bubbles danced in her nose causing her to sneeze much to his growing amusement and the moment relaxed her allowing her to lean forward in her seat and engage him in further conversation.  She was a good story teller and knew how to get a few laughs and he seemed completely charmed by her.

She was always careful however to keep any details about herself to a minimum fearful of boring him completely.  But over and over he interrupted her to ask her name, to ask where she was from and demanded as sorts of details into her life.

She managed to turn the conversation back on him each and every time.  She talked about the show she had just witnessed, the songs of his that she loved and he surprised her by admitting that he had seen her before in the audience and how disappointed he had always been to come out to the bar and find she had gone.  She blushed prettily and he pointed it out much to her dismay so she finally relented and told him her name.

Reaching out he gently took one of her hands into his and thanked her for trusting him.  She felt silly then because she had made keeping her name secret such a big deal.

I want to see you again he said after a long pause in which she had wondered if he was waiting for her to respond to an unheard question.  Okay she replied and his entire face seemed to light up before her.

He walked her outside to her car and hovered hesitantly.  She wondered what he would do next, would he try to kiss her?  Would he not?  but he surprised her again by instead enfolding her in a big warm hug.  He whispered see you soon and gently withdrew.  She watched with a sigh as he turned and re-entered the bar and disappeared into the dancing lights and sounds.

She was once again alone in the silence of the dark which wrapped around her.  But for the first time in a very long time, she felt content.


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