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Tori & Lara – Part one

February 18, 2013

Lara strapped her pistol to her hip and looked up at her partner. Tori slid a finger-length blade into the secret compartment on her waistband and felt Lara’s gaze, Tori looked up and asked, “You ready?”

“When am I not?” Lara replied.

The two women packed away the rest of their equipment in silence, each knowing how the other worked. This was their third year working together. Neither had initially wanted a partner, bounty hunting was a dangerous job, one that didn’t exactly encourage a close working relationship but when the Boss had assigned them separate jobs after that first working together, both women had realised they’d grown to rely on the other.

Without being aware of it, they’d found in the other, someone who filled all the blanks. Tori loved to plan, loved working out the details for any operation. Lara loved putting plans into play, taking on the undercover roles, driving the getaway vehicle – what ever it may be – each woman complemented the other’s working style. They were the perfect partners – not that they ever let the Boss know he had been right. Both women got a kick out of the arguments and fights they indulged in with the Boss whenever they summoned to the Great Desk.

Today… today they were closing a case.

Lara couldn’t wait.


“I can’t see him.”

“He’s here.”

Lara rolled her eyes. That was what Tori always said. It didn’t matter what the situation was, or what they were walking into as far as Tori was concerned, her information was always correct. If the dark haired bounty-hunter said the mark was going to be here, then he would be here. Mind you, Lara had to admit Tori had yet to be wrong. Of course there was always a first time.

“There,” Tori motioned subtly with the bottle in her hand.

Obviously that was not today.

Lara stood, staggered and slurred loudly, “Wanna ‘nother?”

“Why not?” Tori replied flicking her eyes to the left.

Lara, stumbled towards the left end of the bar. Dropping her hand loudly to the stained benchtop Lara raised her voice louder than she needed to in order to be heard and demanded, “More, two.”

The bartender nodded in her direction but continued to wipe the bench with the filthy rag clenched between his fingertips. Hmmm, Tori had said that the bartender was one of her informants, He sure wasn’t helpful though. “Hey, drinks?”

The bartender bent down to retrieve two cold bottles. Lara leaned her stomach against the bar and casually glanced to her left and then to her right. There was a tall man taking a seat in the large booth hidden in the back of the bar. Man, what a hottie. Tori hadn’t told her the mark was so cute. He was all brown hair falling into his eyes, slim hipped, gorgeous shouldered hunk of man cute. Hmmmmmmmmm this could be fun.

Lara flicked her eyes back to the table where her partner sat. Tori was pretending to study a coaster in the way only a really drunk people could study anything.

The bartender dropped two bottles on the bar at Lara’s elbow and harrumphed loudly. Reaching into her back pocket Lara pulled two gold coins and dropped them. The coins disappeared faster than Lara had thought the bartender could move. Unbuttoning her top three buttons Lara picked up the bottles and stumbled in the direction of Tori’s table, somehow managing to stumble past their target’s table in the process. Quite a feat when you realised the mark was sitting at a table in the back corner of the bar and Tori’s table was situated on the other side of the darkened room.

“Whoops, shit, sorry,” Lara mumbled as she tripped on one of the chairs. The Mark looked up as Lara balanced one of the bottles unsteadily on the table. She reached down to adjust her shoe, giving him a long look down her shirt. Lara watched him slip the pad of paper surreptitiously under his sleeve. So he already had the information. He looked up just as Lara raised her eyes to his face. Damn, really, really nice eyes. They were all dark and soulful.

“Are you okay?” he asked glancing briefly at her feet.

Lara found herself momentarily lost for words. Pulling her eyes from his face she remembered she had a job to do. Reaching out, she drunkenly picked up the bottle she had put down, allowing the condensation slick glass to slip through her fingers. The bottle crashed back to the table. “Oh shoot!”

The Mark reached out quickly and picked up the bottle, stopping the spill. Pulling some napkins from the battered container on the table he rapidly mopped at the surface. Lara danced from one foot to the other, apologising profusely while reaching out to help him clean up the mess. As she leaned over getting in his way and blocking his vision she slipped a small pad of paper from her pocket and replaced his pad with hers.

“Hey, where’s my drink?” Tori called from their table as she blearily looked over at Lara and waved a hand slowly in the air.

“Coming,” Lara called and then softly murmured, “Sorry” as she reached out and picked up the bottle by the neck. The Mark winked at her and Lara was horrified to find herself suddenly hot… She was… blushing? Turning on one foot Lara spun and stumbled back to her partner.

“You didn’t say how cute he was?” Lara hissed as she sat down making sure to keep her back to the Mark.

“You didn’t ask!” Her partner responded quietly. Tori picked up her drink bottle by the neck and placed it carefully down in front her, close to the edge of the table. She dropped her hand to her lap, raised the small scanner and ran the beam over the glass. Several fingerprints appeared. Tori flicked a switch on the scanner and scanned the prints into the computer’s memory. A minute later a small green light on the computer began to flash. Tori looked up at her partner, “We’ve got him.”

“Look at these first. It looks like the switch has already been made, but not to fear, I, being as brilliant as ever, managed to switch them again. I have the original documents.” Lara waved the pad of paper under Tori’s nose.

“Brilliant,” Tori snatched the pad from Lara’s hand and began to read through the various sheets of paper. Looking up she asked somewhat impatiently, “Well… go get him.”

Lara shook her head and grumbled under her breath about ungrateful help, but regardless stood and flicked the security catch on her holster. Tori glanced up and smiled as she watched Lara walk casually over to the Mark. Tori knew Lara loved this part of the job, and knew Lara rarely needed help bringing in one target. Nevertheless the seated bounty-hunter pulled her own blaster from the holster at the small of her back and rested it gently on her knee – Just in case.

Lara stopped by the side of table and coughed lightly. The Mark looked up in surprise; registering Lara was no longer as drunk as she had appeared earlier. He then spotted the badge she flicked out of her hand. The other hand held a very, very large pistol

“Hi there, don’t know if you remember me, I was over here earlier? Would accompany me to my transport outside?”

“I’m guessing I don’t have a choice?”

Damn, and his voice was sexy too. Come on Lara, get over it. “Just lead the way.” she insisted motioning with her pistol.

Tori watched Lara throw a wink her way before she followed the Mark from the bar. Tori sculled the rest of her drink, slipped her pistol back into her waistband, slipped the scanner and pad of information into her pocket and moved casually to the bar.

“Bell.” The barkeeper said with a nod in her direction.

Tori reached over and grabbed the barkeeper’s shirt. Pulling him sharply towards her she turned her head to avoid his smell and growled loudly, “Next time, don’t water my drink.” She slid three large gold lumps into his shirt, pushed him away and stomped towards the door.

The barkeeper scowled and turned to grab a bottle for another customer. As he turned away he grinned and let the lumps of gold slip down his shirt and out of his sleeve.

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