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Review: Arrow

February 20, 2013

Review: Arrow

There are three terrific reasons to tune into Arrow the new CW hit show.

  1. The hot hot hot lead actor Stephen Amell
  2. Your partner, friend, husband will LOVE that you want to watch this show with them
  3. Did I mention the hot hot hot lead actor?

This new show has it all.  Great story, great action, soap opera style love triangles, angst and betrayal all wrapped up in one sexy body… ahem…

Based on the comic Green Arrow, Arrow follows the return of playboy Oliver Queen who was lost at sea presumed dead for five long years now rescued from his deadly island and attempting to return to a normal life in the big city.  But Oliver has changed and now he is on a mission to save his city from the evil doers who have failed her.

The Oliver/Laurel/Tommy triangle, the hidden secrets in the Queen family closest and dramatic flash back sequences from Oliver’s time struggling to survive on the island all combine to make this is a show everyone can enjoy.  I have friends who have told me they would not normally watch a show based on a comic like this but who now tell me they sit eagerly every week with the boyfriends, friends and family desperate to experience the next chapter in Oliver’s life.

This is a similar premise to Batman and the boys will love it just the same.  And the girls…well need I say more…  There are villains galore, strong powerful women, secretive parents, fantastic scripts with gripping stories, terrific stunts, training montages to drool over and a shirtless scene in every episode.  I thoroughly recommend you give this show a go if you have not done so already.

You will thank me for it!

And did I mention Stephen Amell


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