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Tori & Lara – Part three

February 22, 2013

“If you don’t log on, then the Boss doesn’t know we’ve completed the assignment. And if he doesn’t know that, he can’t give us another job. If we don’t get another job, we can have a night off… Lara, don’t you want a night off?”

Tori watched Lara’s face become still and thoughtful. Then she shook her head and pushed down on Tori’s hand to activate the communication screen.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Tori wailed and stomped to the couch.

Lara grinned. She knew Tori’s anger was only an act. When neither of the girls worked, they quickly became bored and started sniping at one another. They were better partners when they had work. And they only worked when they called home.

The screen before her came to life. The face of their boss, Daniel Troble, filled the screen. Lara sighed, now there was a man whose very eyes could burn a hole through a girl’s clothes… if she were lucky. But the usually smouldering eyes were not smouldering now.

Daniel wondered why Lara was staring at him the way she was. Brushing the odd thought aside he launched straight into his pre-planned attack. “What the hell did you girls think you were doing?”

Uh oh. Tori backed further from the screen. Whatever Daniel was not happy about… he was pissed and that didn’t mean good things for her and Lara. Softly, so the communicator mike wouldn’t pick up her voice but loud enough so Lara could hear her, she whispered, “Turn the static up, say we’re losing him and get the hell off that connection.”

Lara gulped. She didn’t know what had set Daniel off but he was not pretty when he was angry. Shame really because normally he was hot enough to smoke, those eyes, those lips oh and that hair! Phew… smoke was right, a girl could burn just thinking about him. Flicking her hand toward the screen Lara brushed her fingers over the message adjustment buttons.

“Don’t even think about turning that screen off Lara, or doing anything for this message to ‘accidentally’ lose coherence. Michael was a contact, he was meant to be brought in yes, but not as a goddamn prisoner… What the hell went wrong? You girls were my best operatives… Listen to the words, WERE MY BEST… Another stunt like that and I’ll pull you off profiles and drop you both onto protection detail is that clear?”

“Hold on,” Tori growled, walking up to stand next to Lara. Daniel turned his attention to the other bounty hunter, attention that would cause a normal person to cower. Tori, of course, took no notice. “In none of our communiques was there any mention of the Mark being a “friendly”. I would not have missed that. And if for some strange reason I had missed it, Lara sure as hell wouldn’t have. Don’t pin your sloppy paper work on us.”

Lara gulped again. She had never understood exactly how Tori could confront Daniel so aggressively. Lara found it difficult to dismiss their Boss’s anger at the best of times, certainly harder than Tori did.

Daniel’s face darkened to a strange purple colour as they watched. He opened his mouth and closed it again like a goldfish searching for water in a tank full of air. He growled.

Oh hell, Lara thought… Not good.

“The first document clearly stated…”

“We never got the first document remember?” Tori snapped, stopping Daniel before he started. “And none of the communiques after that stated more than the bare minimum, most of which was in code. Perhaps, instead of yelling at us, you need to check with the documents department and find out exactly how that file never got delivered? Then you can call us back. We’ll be waiting for your apology.” With that Tori flicked the end button on the communicator and turned to Lara. Staring in shock, “Shit, I can’t believe I said that.”

“Tori! You have so got us canned. He won’t ever give us the good cases now, you screwed… well, hell… no you didn’t. We didn’t know the Mark was a good guy. But wait it’s not like we roughed him up or anything. He’ll get over it. Hopefully, and so will Daniel. We just need to let him calm down a bit.”

Tori looked at Lara and raised one brow.

“Okay, yeah, that’s shit.”

Both girls collapsed into the large arm chairs in the middle of the room and sighed. Lara reached under her chair and pulled a large bottle of alcohol from the bar fridge built into its base. Holding it out, she watched her partner take a big swig and then took one of her own when Tori passed it back.

“So what do you think will happen now?”

Tori shrugged. “Knowing life, something we don’t expect.”

The door alarm blared loudly jolting both Tori and Lara out of their chairs.

Casually Tori asked, “You expecting someone?”

“Oh yeah, my Thursday night root, do you mind?” Lara snapped back, reaching for her pistol. “You cover from the cockpit.”


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