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Tori & Lara – Part six

March 7, 2013

“Goody, we’re treasure hunting… Well, this can only end in dangerous chase scenes, traps, counter traps and a race to the finish.” Tori looked at Lara, “Fun?”

Lara simply stared impatiently at the man, “You know what? Tell us later. Just give the coordinates for wherever we have to go next. I am going to make something to eat.” Lara stomped from the room.

Tori and Michael simply looked at one another.

“Is she always like that?” he asked.

Tori thought Michael was pretty game to ask. How should she answer him? It was obvious to her that Lara had a bit of a thing for him, but how serious was it? “Listen,” she began, “Best to stay out of both of our ways for the time being. Neither of us are happy to have a complete stranger on board, neither of us are happy having an ‘easy’ case extended into a dangerous one and neither of us are satisfied with the details regarding what the hell we are heading into. When you feel the urge, we’re going to require an explanation… in the meantime, give me those co-ordinates and go help Lara set the table.”

Tori grabbed the pad the young man held out and headed to the bridge.

Michael looked around the suddenly empty room. What the hell had he gotten himself into now? How was he going to work with these two volatile yet surprisingly hot women? He decided then and there he was going to tell them the truth.

Straight after dinner.



“Here is the situation.” Michael pointed to the map again, it was after dinner and both girls were noticeably relaxed. Obviously a full stomach provided more than nutritional value around here. “This map will take us to the first of 4 hidden objects. When put together, these four objects build a very powerful device, a device that could either save or end the world. And we’re not the only ones looking for it.”

“Okay, so either you’re an overly dramatic person or one who is much understated.” Tori commented dryly. “Sounds so simple doesn’t it?”

Lara shook her head, “Simple my arse, Michael said this map only takes us to ONE part of the weapon.”

“Device,” Michael corrected.

“Whatever, the point I was making was that you said ‘first part.’ What about the other three pieces?”

“Good question.” Tori looked at the man who had bought all this trouble to them in the first place. “I have a feeling this is not going to be an easy case.”

Lara groaned, “We’d better be getting expenses on this trip.” She dragged herself to her feet and sighed. “Okay treasure boy, I’ll show you to your quarters. Rule one, Tori and I make the rules, Rule two, first one awake in the morning makes the coffee, Rule three…”

Tori watched her partner lead the bemused man away. When she heard rule 28 faintly float through the ship she started to laugh to herself. It was then the name of the man also looking for this device thingy popped into her head. “Tom.” Hell, that was all she needed right now. Tori reached down for the abandoned bottle of grog sitting besides Lara’s chair and gulped two mouthfuls down before she became aware her partner was moving around the food area.

“Desert?” Lara called as she poked her head in the doorway.

“Thought it was my turn?”

“I don’t think we should kill the first man who has come onboard this ship in the last month do you?”

“Oh, you want to impress him?” Tori watched her friend carefully.

“I’m only saying he needs to be alive to read that map right?” Lara waited until Tori nodded before she changed the subject “So, where we headed?”

“Small moon in the Canne Belt, haven’t ever passed that way before, so I don’t know it. Where’s your boy?”


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