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The Princess and the Giant

March 8, 2013

Tell me a story mummy the little girl asked throwing herself across her mother’s lap one early summer evening.

Okay sweetie

The little girl thought quite seriously for a moment, no mummy I don’t think you have told me that one.

Her mummy smiled and said Alright. the little girl sighed softly as she fell asleep on her mummy’s lap. Her mummy smiled down at the little girl and then at the piece of strawberry cake on the table in front of her. Yum she thought reaching for it.

There was once a beautiful Princess named Asandra but she was not merely a Princess she was the most beautiful Princess in the land. She was also the smartest Princess that had ever existed. She could fix frozen computers, download royal and magical shows that no one in the kingdom had ever seen before and plug all the right cords into the royal game console without needing to call the royal helpdesk. In short, she was brilliant. But Princess Asandra was also very lonely. She was so smart she didn’t have many friends, few could understand what she loved to talk about or her interests in making things work and in turn most of her friends couldn’t keep her interested. In fact her best friends were the grumpy helpdesk mice who didn’t like anyone at all, including each other!

One day the Princess was driving along in her magical horseless carriage (it was so new and technical that no one else in the kingdom knew how to make it go) and listening to her magical music machine that played all of the most current royal band’s music straight into her ears (no one new how this worked either but it was so cool) when everything jumped. She slammed her foot on the brakes and her carriage bounced and then stopped suddenly. “What the Frell” she grumbled to herself and climbed out of the carriage. The Princess stumbled around to the back of the machine and stared in wonder at the large hole in the path she had driven over. It looked like a large shoe print dug deep into the dirt. The Princess stood staring at the hole for a long moment in surprise. Her thoughts kept circling back to the fact that she had driven into a big footprint and if that big footprint belonged to a big foot then someone somewhere had made very very big shoes. Curious she walked around to the front of her carriage and then a few steps further and yes there was a second shoe print. So it seemed as though the prints belonged to a very very big person. A giant!

Still curious she followed the giant prints and found that they led across the path and down into the forest that ran along both sides of the path. Without another thought she followed the footprints into the forest.

It got darker and colder the deeper she moved into the brush and she wished she had a jacket or a jumper she could wrap around herself when the footprints she was following disappeared. “Wha…” the Princess spun around in a circle looking for where they had gone but there was nothing she could see. Then she took another look around, She was surrounded by trees and vines and long long grass and she realised she could not see the spot where she had come in. She was lost.

Before the Princess had a chance to get too scared she smelt something strange. She lifted her head and sniffed loudly, cake, she could smell freshly baked cake. The Princess took one step to the left and the smell disappeared. She took one step to the right and the cake smell was back, and stronger in this direction. Following her nose she headed towards the yummy smell. After a little while and with her tummy grumbling loudly she stepped out of the trees and into a clearing. In front of her was a house. A very pretty house with yellow and white flowers all along one side, a pretty white fence along the front and a very very big door (the house was very very very big too but it was the door that got her attention first.)

But Princess Asandra had never been the type to be shy or intimidated and she was after all very very hungry so she stomped right through the gate in the pretty fence and right up to the giant door and knocked. The door was so big that her knock sounded like a little tap so she made a big fist and pounded on the door as loudly as she could. Nothing happened. Then she looked to the side of the door and beside the giant door handle high above her head was a big button about the size of her hand. Aha, a door bell. Looking down around her feet she found a long stick. Picking the stick up she poked the big door bell and almost fell over when a really loud Ding Dong vibrated down the door and into the ground under her feet. Next to her the flowers waved and danced around and she wondered if her ears would ever stop ringing when the giant door swung open.

“Hello” a deep voice asked softly.

Princess Asandra was staring at a very big pair of shoes that lead up very long legs to a huge belt (with a very shiny buckle) to a bright red jumper and up to a very big handsome face. Two beautiful big eyes stared down at her.

“Hi” Princess Asandra said loudly and waved. “I smelt your cake in the forest and thought I might come over for a piece.”

“Okay” the giant answered “come in” and he swung the big door open further.

“My name is Princess Asandra” the Princess called loudly.

“My name is James” said the giant and reached down with his giant hand “can I carry you into the kitchen?”

“Yes please” Princess Asandra said and giggled a little when he picked her up and placed her into the centre of his hand. His hand was very warm and Princess Asandra thought the tingle in her tummy was because she was very hungry and not because the giant was very handsome.

Suddenly she was being put down and when the hand stopped moving she climbed between the fingers and onto the table next to an enormous cake that was decorated with pink icing. The giant picked up a huge knife and stared cutting the cake. Next to the table large curtains blew inside from the breeze. Princess Asandra must have smelt the cake through the open window. Next to the kitchen bench the Princess could see lots and lots of very large wires. The giant cut off a crumb from the cake and pushed it towards the Princess with a large finger. “Thank you” the Princess replied because she always used good manners no matter who she was talking too. Even Giants.

Princess Asandra nibbled on the piece of cake that was the size of her head holding it with both hands. It was very good cake. The icing tasted like strawberries which was her favourite kind of icing. But eventually she couldn’t eat any more and putting down her cake crumb she asked “what are those wires and cords for?”

The giant looked very sad. “My hand game machine But it doesn’t work.”

“I might be able to fix it for you” Princess Asandra said and when the giant smiled it was a very nice smile and made Princess Asandra’s tummy tingle again.

So the Princess fixed the giant’s game machine and the giant thanked her by cooking a special dinner just for her.

Many weeks later there was a giant royal wedding and the Princess and the Giant received many gifts both large and small, so that both could be comfortable in their giant home in the forest (including one giant and one tiny hand tv machine which was the newest toy in the kingdom) and they lived happily ever after, the end.

Thanks Mummy I liked that story

Her mother replied have I told you about the giant and the Princess?

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