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The Story – Chapter Two

March 18, 2013

As always it begins with the small mirror my great grand-nanna gave me before she died. I was only a little thing as you’ll remember and on the day she placed it into my hands she told me in her thin quivering voice I was the only one able to use it. Of course, this did not make sense to me at the time as I was only a little child. As you know, it was just before the start of my first adventure that I discovered how to use the mirror and no I will not tell you how so you can put those pleading eyes away. It is a dangerous thing my mirror and in the wrong hands it could prove disastrous.

On this particular day, I could see a great field through the mirror. Yes, not very interesting I agree, but a field it was. Grass yellowed from the sun and long as though not cut in many months, the sky through the mirror was blue and there was not a cloud in sight. All in all, a pretty picture but not a very exciting start to an adventure. I pressed my hand to the glass and closed my eyes. When I opened them I was standing in the middle of that field.

Straight away, I felt very warm and soon removed my windcheater. I looked around to see what I could not through the mirror. In the far distance were mountains. They looked purple and there were dark smudges moving slowly above them. I turned to see what was behind me. It was a forest of very tall trees.

Now don’t get impatient, have another drink of your water and settle down for it is a long story and if you want me to get through it you must sit quietly.

I thought for a moment about which way to walk. Should I go toward the trees or the mountains? Before I could make up my mind, a large shadow fell over me. It hid my own shadow and much of the dried grass around me. I looked up.


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