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The Story – Chapter five

March 21, 2013

Okay then, talking dragon, it was a first for me I admit, then again it was also the first dragon I had ever met, I guess I just assumed dragons were all scary fire-breathing, people-killers.

Apparently I was wrong.

What did he want you ask? What a silly question, honestly, just sit still and listen to the story or I will stop now and you can go to bed. No? Well a bit of shush then.

“What do you want?” I asked. I couldn’t tell if it was a him or a her. It did not have long hair or dress or carried a slingshot to tell me one way or the other.

The dragon huffed a breath and yes, it was fairly warm. I was worried about fire, I mean who wouldn’t be? But fortunately no gusts of flame blew my way and I could feel my heart beat slowing and my breathing started to even out.

“Well, I saw you appear and I wondered who and what you were… Are you a people-person?”

“Hmfff” I snorted, “What else would I be?”

“Yay, I have never met a people-person before. My name is Sarah.”

Hmmm, well that answered that question. A girl dragon.


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  1. Seriously cool, my friend! A dragon looking for a people person…. 🙂

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