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The Road

March 25, 2013

It’s like I see a dusty highway full of mirrors stretching out before me. Every hesitant step I take is reflected back at me over and over. I don’t want to see endless images of myself right now. I want to see the road ahead. I want to see friends and companions walking along with me not myself in the dust all alone. There is nothing off the road to distract my glance or tempt me off my path, I hope for a carnival, a town or even a car travelling in the opposite direction but there is nothing as far as my eyes can see. This is a desolate place. I long for a place to rest, escape the heat and the glare and the dust, but there is nothing. I will imagine a place of shade, a lake or a river, and friends and laughter and music. A place of fun. It is a lovely dream and I smile for a moment. I look back to the road and the road is me.

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