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The Story – Chapter 7

March 25, 2013

Okay so flying. You would think it would be exciting, like riding a rollercoaster that could travel sideways as well as up and down. It kinda was, but to tell you the truth it was also strangely boring. The wind was blowing into my eyes making them cry and sting, and my hands were cold where they were locked around the scaly knob I was using a grip. The scenery was the same all over. It felt like we had been flying for ages, of course in reality it was only about half an hour.

I was starting to get really tired and I was wondering how I could tell my Driver? Pilot? Captain? That I couldn’t hold on much longer when we started to fly down in large, loopy circles.


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  1. the idea that the flying turns out to be boring..what a great twist!! 🙂

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