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Dragon’s are Cool

March 30, 2013

Dragon Loyalty Award

helenvalentina nominated me for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award!!

I love this award, Because, well, Dragons are cool, like bowties and okay yeah bowties are not really cool, actually a bit dorky I guess, but Dragons… absolutely cool!!

{The rules are:}
-Display the Award Certificate on your website.
-Announce your win with a written post and link to whoever presented your award.
-Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers. ( Like my gracious nominator I am going to choose fewer because it’s less stressful for everybody. Also, there are so many I could choose I’m going to try to limit it to ones I think might, like me, especially like a dragon related award which to me is inspiring and dramatic and lets face it, cool… and these blogs i have nominated are all inspiring and dramatic and cool!!)
-Drop them a comment to tip them off after you have liked them in the post.
-Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

Seven Interesting Things about Me

1. Dragon’s are cool… did I mention that already?
2. All the best stories have Dragons in them
3. Some of MY stories have Dragons in them… so they must be pretty good.
4. I am pretty lazy so I really have to fight the urge to sit watching tv shows and actually write down some of my thoughts
5. I love my couch
6. I love different styles of writing, if it is written well, entertaining and inspiring then I will absolutely read it!
7. Did I mention dragons are cool?

So, to my nominees

The Perks of Being an Unpublished Writer

Nerdy Girl Confession

The Insane and the Impossible


Sparkleegeek’s Blog


  1. Yayayayay!!! Love it…dragons ARE cool, you are so right…and according to Dr Who so are bowties, and who are we to argue…though I must admit if it was the 10th doctor, the wonderful David Tennant, who said that I’d be more inclined to agree about sartorial splendour…but..I’m raving now….LOL..:)

  2. So, two things.

    Thing one – I saw in an email that up you liked a post of mine. In that email I saw a suggestion to read things from your blog, and one of them was this post, where I saw that dragons had an extra apostrophe, so that the little OCD troll in me couldn’t help but tell you. However, I know this is not nice, so I offer you my apologies as well as an offer, which is thing two.

    Thing two – I want to write a poem about dragons, and you seem like a qualified person to name a dragon (of the intelligent sort). So, what would you suggest as a name?

    Those were my two things… Anyway…

    Also, thanks for visiting my site. 🙂

    • Thanks, and um a name?… Shadel…. Or um Hessile… I am struggling to name the Dragon in my story so I’m not sure if I am the person to ask! 🙂 Good or bad dragon?

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