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The Eight

March 30, 2013

The strange old man was talking to the others. Sara was listening… honest she was, she was just fascinated by the control panel as well. Anyway, its not like Lise wouldn’t fill her in on anything she missed. Her friend, the older woman sitting beside her, was listening attentively to the old man. He was speaking about an ancient family – talking about connections. Her other friend, Daniel, the only other man in the room, handsome and around the same age as Lise, was examining a bookshelf hidden away in the corner. The bookshelf was stacked high with thick dusty volumes and he was searching through them in fascination.

Sara smiled. Hmmm so she wasn’t the only one distracted by the amazing things in this strange room.

The old man was discussing the eight. Sara had heard a great deal about the eight. So far only three had been found, herself and her two friends. The old man was not a part of the eight. He was only here to guide them, to help them find the others and help them find their selves, well whatever that meant.

Sara turned back to the control panel. It was covered in switches, flashing lights and buttons. The old man had said this control panel was extremely important. The young woman clenched her hands tightly. She shouldn’t touch, she mustn’t touch and yet she really really really wanted to.

It was like a bad compulsion. She often did things on impulse. And besides, one particular button was drawing her hand to it like a magnet. She knew no one was paying attention to her. Daniel had left the bookcase and was now standing next to Lise.

Sara looked over her shoulder and watched the old man place his gnarled hands on her friends’ shoulders. “And one must be created,” he was saying to them. Lise didn’t look impressed.

Turning back to the panel Sara reached out quickly, accepting the silent invitation and pressed the large button.

There was a loud Whoosh! An electrified tingle spread through the young woman’s body. The whole room  filled with an intense bright light.

Looking up, she watched in awe through the window and saw light shoot out of the lighthouse stabbing across the dark night sky.


The old man chuckled.


“It’s all right, there will be many UFO sightings tonight.”

Lise and Daniel looked at each other and smiled. The young woman ducked her head and laughed softly. Holding her hands tightly behind her back as if to control them, she walked casually to her friends.

The old man held out one aged hand. In his palm were three rings. Lise and Daniel each took one, leaving the smallest alone in the old man’s palm. Slowly Sara stretched out one of her troublesome hands and took the last ring. She examined it thoughtfully.

There was an eagle with its wings spread out around a blood-red heart shaped stone. The ring was beautiful. The young woman slid the ring onto her finger and looked up at the old man.

“Go now,” he was saying. “I’ve done all I can for now. But I’ll be around.”

Sara felt a question form in her mind. She didn’t want to ask it, she felt embarrassed, that it would be rude to ask but somehow the old man knew exactly what was in her mind.

He leaned forward and pulled Sara close. In a stage whisper he said, “What would you say if I told you that you are just as old as I am?”

The old man then turned away and muttered something about humans having no sense of continuity, moving from life to life, form to form.

The young woman looked at her friends. Lise motioned for her to come. It was time to go.

The young woman took one more look around the amazing lighthouse home of the old man and followed her friends from the room.



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  1. Wow..this is really intriguing…hope there is more. 🙂

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