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Monday musings

April 15, 2013

I have not posted any of Folly and Fury of late… and here are the excuses why

Novel two….. chapter….
Yup… see my problem is – I am at the editing stage for my second novel… which of course means I have done EVERYTHING I possibly can… EXCEPT edit my novel.
I have two – probably – chapters left to write… but I find I am procrastinating with continueing that until I edit and clean up the previous 4 chapters… HORROR!!
Naturally at this stage this means I have gone for a walk, gone to some comedy shows, gone to some movies, watched a LOT of television, gone to work – sigh – if only I didn’t create this self fulfilling loop of using work as an excuse to writing which one day could replace the work as a job! Hahahhahahaa okay yes and now I am laughing hysterically at my own imagination! I have also cleaned the house, done the washing, grocery shopping, visited family, read up on a number of procrastination articles and a number of other time wasting activities….

And to be honest with myself, I do find the task of editing to be a good thing to do. It helps me to clear my thoughts about the direction the novel is going in, realise what is working and not working and also pick up on little ideas and concepts I have thrown into my story at a level I was not consciously aware of… some are pretty good ideas too!

Its just the sitting down to do it….


  1. Ugh…feeling your pain and procrastination when it comes to editing. I write free flow and still not too fond of revisions. My dad is working on me about that! lol You can do it!!

    • Oh man it drives me crazy! Good to know there are plenty of people who feel the same though.

      • I’m completely with you on this one! I’ll encourage you about doing it and you can encourage me…maybe one of us will get it done! lol

      • Yay…. Between the two of us something will get
        Written and posted to thunderous applause….

      • Lol…we better get editing!! 🙂

  2. The ageless challenge of the author. Personally, I’ve found that just forcing myself to write anything will kickstart everything. Might not be good at the beginning, but it’s like priming a lawnmower.

    • Hmmmm yes I do agree with that comment…. And it is another great procrastination tool too…. Writing anything but what I should be writing! LOL

  3. LOL…though laughing with you, not at you, my friend! Isn’t it funny how we use distraction to …. distract us… I am sure you will get into it when you are ready. 🙂

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