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May 6, 2013

Dark eyes watched the television screen without seeing a thing being shown. If questioned later there would be no way he could answer what had been on. The only thing he could be clear about were the words and her voice over the phone. Her cold tone had been a complete contrast to the venom of her words. Her tone could have been that of a telemarketer trying to sell him a new gas provider, if not for what she had said. He raised the glass to his lips again absentmindedly; the ice within long ago melted into the alcohol, diluting the mixture though not enough to stop the drink from numbing the feeling in his body. If only it would deaden the memory of the hurt and pain his thoughtless actions had caused. And in fleeting moments of clarity he knew it was too late, too late to fix or make it better or even pretend it had never happened. He had never imagined he could cause that much damage in a person. It was not something he was proud of, but there was nothing now that he could do.

A world away she sat and stared at the phone she had replaced so gently into its cradle. That was it, he was a non-entity to her now. Anything he had ever touched was gone from her life, all joint associates, friends and colleagues deleted from her address book, all furniture given away and trinkets sold. She was over permitting his creeping tendrils into her life. Her walls were firmly locked back in place now. She would not allow herself into such a position again. Not only was that warm spark of her so fleetingly let out to play now gone but so too was any place in her heart and mind that was once his. She looked into the emptiness of the home around her and realised it was truly no great loss. Up until now there had been nothing in here anyway, in reality this event was an aberration to the status quo that was her life. What was around her now was what she knew and understood, she was good at it and he couldn’t take away that part of her. He never had it. All he had ever seen was a mirror reflecting back at him what he wanted to see. He had never once tried to see the truth of her which was why she could remove him so completely from her life now. It was her one pleasure in all of this. He might always fondly remember a person he had never really known but she would never think of him. And knowing his ego for what it was it was the best revenge of all.

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