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Sweet Sweet Award

May 8, 2013


I was nominated for this award by one of the most addictive bloggers I know: Kira (Wrestling Life and Writing Snapshots). A big sweet “Thank You” to you for the nomination. And if you are interested in fantastic pieces of prose and poetry go and have a look at her sites!

The Rules:
•Thank the Super Sweet Blogger that nominated you.
•Answer five Super Sweet questions.
•Include the Super Sweet Blogging award image in your blog post.
•Nominate a baker’s dozen (13) other bloggers. (well almost)
•Notify your nominees on their blog.

The 5 Super Sweet Questions:
1.Cookies or Cake? oooo well which ones are chocolate? cookies
2.Chocolate or Vanilla? There is another flavour other than Chocolate? what now?
3.Favorite Sweet Treat? Red Tulip easter rabbits!! OMG
4.When do you crave sweet things the most? When don’t I?
5.Sweet Nick Name? ooo don’t have one awww

The Bakers Dozen (13) Nominees:

My nominations are


Lightning Droplets

Sophie Bowns

Gardner’s World

Green Embers

Young Adult Author

The Perks of Being an Unpublished Author

Boy with a Hat


Anneonymous Writer

One Comment
  1. This old Ape is drooling 🙂

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