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Something Never

May 21, 2013

He stared at the door in shock, it still vibrated against the frame. Her words, screamed at him with venom dripping from her lips scarred his heart in more ways than he could know. Every word she had thrown at him was true, he wished he could re-write the meaning but he couldn’t and the reality of his life could not be denied.

He automatically reached for his phone, to message her, to beg forgiveness but he knew she would not answer. Her anger had been an almost a living beast, fire in her eyes, fire in her tongue. He would be foolish to attempt to confront her and it now.

It was his own damn fault. Everything was his own damn fault. He realised now how painful it must have been for her to hear the words that had fallen from his lying mouth. He had thought he was being so gentle with her, touching her soul with honeyed words that hide the awful truth. Or so he had thought. Thinking back on it now, he wondered how could he have said that to her. No wonder she was furious with him. He was a fool, an idiot, a heartless bastard.

His hand started to shake. He quickly put the phone down on the coffee table and slumped down into the chair to stay out of the window – the window he had shattered with his own anger only a year before. The window had withstood her fury and his reflection started back at him showing him the monster her truly was.

He knew enough about her to know she would not take her words back, nor would she take him back. He had ruined everything. He dropped his head into his hands and tugged roughly at his hair. He lifted his head out of his hands and stared at the couch. He still saw her there, smiling and laughing at him.

He stared around the empty room.
The room stared blankly back… empty, cold and dark.
He was a fool.

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  1. Kira permalink

    I love what you are doing with these shorts! You pack a powerhouse punch in them!!

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