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Something – Nothing

June 6, 2013

He stared at the phone where it lay on the bed. It had not rung in days.

He pulled the heavy wool over his eyes and tugged the jumper over his head. He smoothed his hands down his chest to fit it into place and fought to contain the sigh that threatened to spill out of his whole body.

She had stormed out two weeks ago. Looking at the clock he noticed with a start that it was almost to the minute two weeks ago that the door had slammed behind her. He had not heard her voice since that day and he was itching from it.

He left the phone on the bed and moved through the faded yellow papered hallway from their room, his room, into the bathroom and stared at his reflection. He was pale, his face drawn and depressed. Large dark smudges lay on his cheeks as though he had painted them there.

He held up his hands and watched them shake lightly.

He heard a faint beep and he ran for the bedroom, diving across the bed scrambling for the little black device. It took forever for the little screen to light up and for him to focus on the words upon it.

Nothing. It was not from her. Nothing… a useless text from his brother wanting to catch up for dinner.

It was Nothing.

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  1. Hi, I’ve nominated you for a new award – Always There If You Need Me award – you can check out the rules and accept the nomination at:

  2. Thanks for the visit. I liked the Something – Nothing premise. Am following to read more.

  3. Kira permalink

    This is great. Like, I’ve said before I’m really enjoying these snapshots that you are writing. And, I’ve sooo done that dive for the phone before…for nothing! lol

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