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The Story – Chapter 25

June 14, 2013

Inside was a stone.

It glowed a translucent yellow. No, it was more like a pale pastel yellow. I had a cardigan that color once but this was so much prettier, shining and sparkling in the sunlight. It was the size of a coin that had been squashed flat on one side.

I picked it up. It felt cold. As I held it in my hand it seemed to grow warmer.

There was a gold chain attached. I looked at it closely, I couldn’t see where the clasp connected with the stone at all. Weird. I couldn’t take my eyes of it.

“Pretty,” A whispered voice said into my ear. Herman stood right next to me.

“Whoa!” He was so close I startled and jumped away.

Herman’s green eye winked at me. “You should put it on.”

“Oh geeez, get a room will ya?” Wings flashed before my eyes as Peter whirled and stomped away in a huff.

Sheesh what was his problem? How embarrassing that he said that aloud! I felt hot and hoped my face was not all red and blotchy. “Stupid fairy.” I grumbled, turning away from the troll-hunter at my side.

I lifted the stone pendant and dropped the chain over my head. As soon as the stone rested against my chest there was a flash of light.



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