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Liebster Award – Thanks!

June 15, 2013


Firstly, I would love to thank my fellow blog comrade “Sparkyleegeek” who has so graciously nominated for the Liebster award, which is a recognition given to small bloggers by other small bloggers (max 200 followers), and the rule for the awards are:

1. Thank the Liebster Blog presenter who nominated you and link back to their blog.
Again, thank you Smashing Thru Life

2. Post 11 facts about yourself, answering the 11 questions you were asked and create 11 questions for your nominees.

3. Nominate 11 blogs who you feel deserve to be noticed and leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been chosen.

4. Display the Liebster Award logo.

5. No tag backs meaning you can’t just re nominate the person who nominated you.

The real purpose behind these nominations are not only as an accolade from a fellow blogger and let’s face it, nothing gently strokes our little writer hearts more than someone telling you they appreciate your work.  In addition to the back patting we need to receive from time to time, it also allows us to get a little more personal as we get to know our increasing blogging community. It also helps drive traffic to your side as we reference one another. Solidarity- to the end friends.

The questions put forth to me by my ever so gracious and comedic nominator are as follows:
1. What’s the last thing you watched on Netflix? The Losers…. hey I enjoyed it!

2.As soon as you have free time what’s always the first thing you want to do? Catch up on the telly I missed during the week

3.Do you prefer to sleep in or get up early? – sleep in of course…it means I don’t have to work that day!

4.What do YOU think of Tom Cruise’s acting skills? He has acting skills?

5.What’s your favorite summer beverage and why? iced coffee…. um because its coffee 🙂

6.There’s a zombie apocalypse, only people with valuable skills are allowed to join groups, quick! What are your skills? – I listen to everyone else’s dramas! I’m a great listener.

7.What subject did you perform the absolute worst in during school and why? Math, please I am a writer!

8.A fat greasy Joe says he’s a genie and he’s pretty convincing so you believe him. 3 wishes, (not allowed to ask for money or more wishes) Chocolate that is yummy but that wont even make me fat, Free airfare anywhere in the world, The ability to make all my favourite cancelled TV shows NOT BE CANCELLED

9.Approximately how much time of your days is spent in sweats, pj’s or other popular leisure wear? I just want to make sure I’m not going overboard. 30% but would be 100% if I could get away with it at work

10. It’s the last night on earth and you’re being forced to have sex with:
WOMEN: Donald Trump (no promise of marriage or wealth) or Donald Rumsfeld (no promise he can become.. well, you know..) ? ewwwwwwwwwwwww do I have to?

11. Star Wars or Star Trek? no choice… Wars of course!

The 11 Blogs I wish to Nominate for the Liebster Award are as follows: Go and check them all out please!!

Here are my questions to you fine bloggers:
1. What is your dream job?
2. Do you prefer to go to bed early or late?
3. Sweet or sour?
4. What are you reading right now?
5. When you sit down to write… what is your first distraction?
6. Favourite DC or Marvel hero?
7. eggs – scrambled or fried?
8. Favourite TV actor?
9. If you were stuck on an island what is the thing you miss most?
10. Favourite thing to sit in… Recliner chair or couch
11. What movie did you see but wish you hadn’t?

  1. Thank you for the nomination! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the nomination! My blog doesn’t quite qualify, but answering the questions would be fun anyway, if that’s allowed?

  3. Congratulations, so well deserved my friend! And….Tom Cruise…acting skills, he has acting skills? I almost fell off my chair laughing!!! 🙂

  4. I finally posted this! Sorry for the delay and thank you again for thinking of me 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for the nomination geez was I ever late! Congrats to you as well your awards are much deserved. I am looking forward to the next installments of The Story =)

  6. Your welcome!

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