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Cold – Part three

August 1, 2013

Cold Part Three

“Ow,” Sheppard snapped angrily as he landed badly on the mat, his own elbow slamming up into his ribs. Instead of climbing back to his feet he lay there, gasping softly, and rubbed at the bruised skin at this side. “I’m sensing you’re a little angry?”

“Argh!” Teyla let out the soft sound of exasperation and sighed, “I am sorry John, yes, I am angry, but it was wrong of me to allow that anger into our sparring.” She took her bantos rods in one hand and reached out to help him to his feet.

Sheppard allowed her to pull him up and gestured to the wall. He grabbed his towel and asked, “What’s up?”

“A loss of faith,” Teyla sighed again but said nothing more as she used her soft towel to wipe her face and neck. She pulled at her damp hair and tied it messily behind her head she looked at Sheppard seriously, spearing him with her intense gaze, “As have you. It appears as though our troubles coincide.”

Sheppard grunted and dropped his head.

“Shall we go and get a drink, John? I feel we must talk about this before it affects the whole team.”

“Yeah.” Sheppard agreed somewhat reluctantly and followed her from the room.

A little while later found them both on one of the uppermost balconies, staring silently over their city. They sipped at their water bottles and waited for the other to begin.

“What of Rodney?” Teyla finally began, she had already explained to John what had happened in the canteen between the Satetans and how betrayed she had felt by Ronan’s actions. Sheppard had listened in silence staring out across the glittering ocean but had not spoken of his own troubles. Teyla broke the silence now with her question but Sheppard simply shook his head. She allowed him his quiet, knowing eventually, he would break.

“Can you trust him?” he words appeared out of nowhere and startled her even though she was expecting them.

Teyla’s instinct was to insist ‘of course’ she could, but she took a long breath to really think about the question. Finally she nodded and replied, “Yes.” After another quiet moment she continued. “I am angry, I am hurt, but I understand. I understand his anger. I understand his hurt. It will take some time before I can trust him not to hurt me in that way again. But Ronan is as he always was. Perhaps some of the blame lies with me. Perhaps I have been projecting my beliefs and behaviours onto him unfairly. Can I expect him to understand my expectations in regard to our friendship if I do not tell him what they are? How can I simply assume he will know.”

Sheppard stared at her silently for a moment.

“You’re right” was all he said and pushed to his feet. “I have to talk to McKay.”

Teyla nodded gently as he left, she had hoped her words would reach him. She had not really needed John to tell her what had happened between them, as people had been stopping her all day to tell her. Teyla had known her friend would need to speak with Rodney but would need to realise why before he could do so. She felt that perhaps now, he did.


Sheppard hovered outside McKay’s door. His determination had carried him right up to the point of knocking but now he found he was hesitating to take the final step. The door slide open abruptly and Sheppard found himself staring into the pale, shocked face of his friend. Nether spoke. They just started as if they had not seen each other in months rather than days.

“Can I come in?” Sheppard finally asked.

Rodney took a step back into the doorway. “Um, sure” he stuttered.

As John followed Rodney into his quarters he felt the weight that had settled on his shoulders start to ease.

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