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The Story – Chapter 32

August 8, 2013

I looked for a handhold, there had to be a way to climb up. My eye caught a shadow. It was in a very odd spot. I touched the darkness. Yes, I could get a really good grip on the stone. Standing in that one spot and looking up I could see more shadows stretching beyond it. I took a step back. Huh. I walked around my little spot by stepping back and to the side. At no other point could I see those marks in the stone wall. I stepped close again and touched the shadow; yup, it looked like this was going to be the way up.

I grabbed the handhold and then a second one. I could feel my heart thudding loudly in my ears and as I breathed, dust bounced back from the wall and into my face. Awesome. I coughed and squeezed my eyes shut, shaking my face from side to side. But the nasty stuff still got up my nose. In seconds I was sneezing loudly.

One, two, three. I could hear my sneezes echo around me. Taking a deep breath over my shoulder to breathe away from the wall, I started to climb.

Half way up, I could feel a strange tug on my arms. Another two handholds and the weirdest thing started to happen. My hair started to float up past my face and the sleeves on my arms floated as well. Another handhold and there was a sudden pressure on my whole body pulling me upward. Huh. If I was right, if I let go, I should fall toward the ceiling and the stairs which led down the other way.

If I let go….


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