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August 21, 2013

Hey look, how exciting, I am showcased on the community storyboard! Thanks all 🙂

The Community Storyboard

Submitted by Solothefirst


He sighed and pressed his forehead to the cool windowpane.  Warm morning sunlight enveloped his still form, tenderly touching the rough fingers splayed against the glass above his head.  Slowly the sunlight trailed down the muscles of his arm and fell to caress his chest, drying the last remaining drops of water from his early morning shower.

He closed his eyes against the light and allowed his senses to explore the sensations flooding through his body.

He could feel light pricking at his eyelids, seducing him, tempting him to open his eyes and gaze out onto the beach before him but he resisted its siren call.  He could feel the steady drip of water down the back of his neck, falling slowly from his glistening blond tipped hair.  He felt a single drop escape his fringe to run slowly, silkily down his forehead, slide over a…

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  1. This is even better the second time 🙂

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