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My Review: The Seed by Helen Valentina

August 21, 2013

 The Seed by Helen Valentina

Book Description

Sara Fraser, a solitary artist, is haunted by her dreams of a past life where she is deeply in love—a concept and experience foreign to her waking existence. Just as she is becoming known for her artistic endeavors, Sara launches a new series of paintings based on her dreams.

Robert Masters, a journalist in a passionless marriage, interviews Sara about her latest work, only to discover a personal connection to her paintings: it seems he is the man in her dreams. But when Robert, a man who prefers to peer inside others’ lives instead of his own, suddenly finds the intrigue of a possible shared history catapulting him into an intense romance with Sara, a story from the past begins to haunt both of them. As the lovers contemplate leaving the waking world to follow their dreams, the possibility of happiness dictates them to take risks they never could have imagined before.

The Seed is a story of truth, loss, and the price two people must pay for love.


Review: The Seed by Helen Valentina


5 out of 5

Characters that stay with you long after the last page has been turned are few and far between.  Helen Valentina has found a way to do just that with this gripping story about love, fate, destiny and personal strength.  Even now, a few days later, the images she has created continue to haunt me.  A thoroughly enjoyable if at times disturbing read.  Every character is rich with flaws and emotions, damaged pasts and real experiences.  These characters feel so very real.

Helen Valentina provides a feast of images from descriptions of artwork to a variety of locations in and around Sydney to the inner workings of the mind and her truly accurate portrayals of secondary characters seem as wholly developed and emotionally resonant as the leading roles.   This is not a conventional romance, and it is all the better for it.  There is truth here, if you delve deep enough to see it, which is at times scary and honest and definitely thrilling.  If you read a lot, you must read this, if you are not a big reader, read this anyway.  I can’t’ wait to read more from Helen Valentina!



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  1. Thank you so much for such a kind, considered and generous review!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on helenvalentina and commented:
    Solothefirst has given me my second review for The Seed – and a very kind and generous review it is indeed – thanks so much!! 🙂

  3. Congratulations Helen!

  4. You are more than welcome my friend! I really enjoyed it 🙂 and had to share

  5. Question: Are you doing a paperback version? I am going to do a guest post on my createspace process with this on Charles’s blog soon. My experience has been very long, starting in June 6th. I am trying to not rush and take my time to do it right. Patience.

    • Hi – I do have a paperback version on, and eventually they will also distribute this through, but through their POD services. As you know, I’m hanging out to order your book when it is in paperback. 🙂

  6. I have ordered Helen’s book and I’m waiting anxiously for it to make its way to Sweden!

  7. Great review!! She has such a gift…as do you my friend!

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