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The Story – Chapter 34

August 27, 2013

So do you remember me telling you that the pendant makes me invisible?

I raced down the remaining stairs and burst out of the wooden door at the base of the tower into a world of madness.

There was noise and light everywhere. For a moment I was blinded.

A loud flap above me and a great gust of wind had me ducking fast. Sarah’s wings beat at the air as she dipped and turned overhead. There was no one on her back so I looked around frantically for Herman or Peter. I couldn’t see them through the huddle of trolls.

Wow, okay yeah, trolls smell bad. Maybe I should be nicer about that, but it was a really rotten smell. I couldn’t breathe. I covered my nose with one hand and crept along the wall of the tower trying to keep out of reach of the raging battle. It was like a big ball of movement and every so often I could see arms grasping and grabbing or legs kicking out at the closest body.

A screech sounded and Sarah dove toward the huddle. She opened her mouth and wow…. okay yes, she can breathe fire. I couldn’t remember if she had done that earlier but I felt a wave of hot air swell against the wall where I hid. I ducked. I probably didn’t need to but I did anyway and saw footsteps in the mud next to my feet. The footsteps led away from the battle. One print seemed deeper than the one next to it and was a bit blurry. I didn’t know what that meant but I could see a wet patch near one of the prints. I leaned closer. Oh my goodness, that was blood.


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  1. This just keeps getting better and better!! I can’t wait to see where it goes next…

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