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The Story – Chapter 35

September 3, 2013

I followed the bloody footprints behind the tower. In the strange yellowy color the pendant turned the world the blood was shiny and glittery. It was a pretty easy trail to follow.

A few steps out of sight of the battle, I heard a deep breath, a sob and then another deep breath. There in the grass was something pale… Was that a…? It was an arm. The arm was attached to a troll and he was bleeding, a lot. Manky hair draped down covering its face. And its clothes were covered in mud, dirt and more blood. The blood was coming from its arm.

I bounced from one foot to the other. What should I do? Peter, Sarah and Herman were fighting these things so I probably shouldn’t help this one, but it looked like it was in so much pain. I dithered for another minute but the whimpering noises were kinda annoying. With a huff, I pulled off the pendant.

The troll jerked back and wailed when he saw me.

I held both hands outstretched… “Wait… wait… shhhhh.”

He stared at me but the noises stopped so he must have understood what I was saying.

He blinked.

I blinked.

I took a step forward. He started to scream.

Troll 2-2

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  1. I’m so entranced with this story of yours. I’m always looking forward to the next installment! This was great. The troll needs to shut up, though…just saying 🙂 I hope to get Chapter 2 to you soon. I got behind prepping for my meeting on Sunday 😦

    • Thanks… I am loving this story so much… It’s fun! And yay looking forward to getting chapt 2. 🙂 take your time!

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