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The Story – Chapter 36

September 5, 2013

So that happened.

My great plan to help in the battle at the base of the tower ended up with me locating an injured troll who must have escaped an started to scream as soon as I stepped closer to help.

Troll 2-2

A loud thud behind me and the sudden swoosh of eight giant legs swung over the top of my head.

I ducked and tried not to scream because, you know, giant spider climbing over the top of me. But apart from the creepy feeling of legs crawling on my skin that was going to stay with me FOREVER, I was okay. Fred had come to my rescue. He hovered over the screaming troll. The troll’s screams petered out on a gasp of air as the troll stared in horror at the monstrosity standing over him.

For a moment no one moved.

The troll was silent. Of course Fred was silent and I was just frozen, watching them both.

Fred squirted something from his legs and the next thing I knew, the troll was wrapped up in a giant knot of web. Fred scooped up the webbed troll with two legs and scuttled back around the side of the tower.

I was not sure I wanted to know what Fred was going to do with that troll.

I slumped to the ground.

Then I saw the glint in the flattened grass…


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  1. Every time you leave me wanting more! lol It’s a good thing I have another part of the story read now…on to read Chapter 37! What is the glint?!?

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