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Curiosity – Proof the World no longer exists

October 22, 2013

To answer Helen Valentina’s challenge relating to her new book the fabulously clever “Curiosity” I have come up with my own proof that the world no longer exists…. Hopefully Peter would agree with me.

Curiosity  By Helen Valentina

Proof the world no longer exists: Insurance

I probably don’t need to write any more than that, “Insurance” but I will actually elaborate.  The world has clearly ended because really, the need to have insurance out ways the actual benefit of having the insurance in the first place.

For example – Car Insurance.  Cars are now so expensive to buy that the slightest ding to the paint work results in basically writing-off the car.  And yet you MUST have car insurance – that you pay, every month like clockwork to receive an insurance payout worth less than the car’s value – meaning you cannot replace your written-off car that cost 32k to buy and is only written off at 10k with a couple of dings from hail… hail really? Act of god and you can’t get a replacement of equal value.  But you MUST have insurance…. And then if another car hits you – and the owner has insurance – well n0o more needs to be said really.

Another example – Life Insurance.  We allow corporate entities to tell us the value of life? Of course we do.  And then only in the freak chance that you die by accident… in which over 34 methods of death are excluded do your family receive minor benefits and years later…. Years after you die… heck the family still have to fork out for the funeral and house cleaning and any debts you leave behind.  And do you get annual cpi on it after you are dead and waiting for the payout? What is a life worth anyway? And why is one life worth more than another?  If you are ill… yup your life is worth less than it is if you are healthy…. Interesting.

And one more because really I think this is the one that proves the world ended years ago and no one noticed – Pet Insurance…. Really? A pet who only has a lifespan of 10-15 years… and we are now paying insurance to try and prolong that lifespan.  A pet who – when they get sick – get really sick… like – dying sick… and yet we now MUST fork out monthly payments to keep the poor critters breathing because we like having something to stroke in our times of stress?


Hmmmm, that was fun.  I have a few more proofs that I will post in the coming days I think.

Make sure you go out and buy Helen Valentina’s “Curiosity” – Are you curious?



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  1. So cool, that is a seriously good proof!!! Thanks so much for joining in, it’s absolutely perfect!! 🙂 🙂 Peter would DEFINITELY approve!!!

  2. I tend to think that people are the “matter” of society and that estate agents, insurance agents, bankers and politicians are the “anti-matter”. They’re all around us, but it’s really not pleasant coming into direct contact with one…

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