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The Story – Chapter 42

October 22, 2013

Well, breakfast was amazing. I mean Herman cooked it, so yeah, amazing. Just smelling the bacon and bread–wow how on earth had he make fresh bread? It was really yummy.

After I stopped groaning and actually cleaned my plate, I figured it was time for another sleep but Peter and Herman grabbed my arms and stopped me as I tried to return to the tent. They dragged me back to my little log seat.

“Fine.” I grumped and refused to move while they packed up our little campsite.

While they were cleaning and digging and packing I pulled the stone from my pocket. It just looked like a stone. Where the pendant looked like a pretty piece of jewelry, the stone looked like a lump of stone and yet when I held in in my clenched fist and moved from side to side there was a feeling of warmth and a vibration from it. Sooooooo Weird.

Above us, Sarah wheeled around in abandon, clearly enjoying the early morning sunshine and Fred was eating a … ick… I think it was a moth? A fly maybe… It looked disgusting.

“Ready?” Peter squeaked beside me.

I jumped high and shook my head at him, “Sheesh, scare a girl why don’t ya?” He just grinned.

“That way.” I pointed. The direction I pointed led to a dark overgrown path topped with creepy tree branches stretching out like fingers.



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  1. There’s that Herman cooking again…..brings up all sorts of thoughts and images!! 😉

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