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November 1, 2013

 This is my little story for Halloween, though we don’t really celebrate it in Australia, it’s a great excuse to write a scary story!  🙂 Happy Halloween



His breathing sounded loudly in his ears against the quiet of the room.  The wooden boards beneath his face were covered in dust worms and tickled his nose but he didn’t feel like laughing.  He wanted to cry instead.  He clasped his little hands over his mouth to try hard not to let the sound escape.


It was here.


His bed looks so big from under here, and so strange.  Metal stretched out above his head in all directions and every time he raised his head even a little bit his hair got tangled in the strings and pulled hard making his eyes water.  Yeah, it was the tugs on the top of his head that was making his eyes water, they were not watering for any other reason than that.  He nodded sharply to himself in agreement and his hair pulled again.  He gasped but made the sound a puff of air instead so that the noise stayed inside.  He squeezed his eyes shut as tightly as he could and made colours dance beneath his eyelids.  If he couldn’t see it, it couldn’t see him, right?




He opened them a little to peak out.  He could see nothing but the old broken car and the little train he didn’t play with any more.  If he stretched out his arm he would be able to touch the train.  But he daren’t move.  It might hear him.


He squeezed his eyes shut again and lowered his head until his forehead rested on his arms.  He breathed in only a little.  If he breathed deeper then he made noise and he couldn’t make any noise.  If he breathed deeper the dust made his nose tickle and his throat scratchy.  If he made noise he wouldn’t be able to hear what was happening in his room.


His door was shut.  He was sure it was.  The little light his mother always switched on for him was off and everything was dark.  He shouldn’t be able to see anything under his bed… but he could and that was even more scary.  He thought his door must be open.


There was a thump.


What was that? He opened his eyes a tiny tiny little bit and looked around.  He could just see his arms in front of his eyes and the little hairs on them and he could just see the peeling red paint on his train.  He could see a little furry arm right in the corner… his old teddy, that’s where he was! He was wishing he could cuddle his teddy tightly when he heard the thump again.


Something grabbed his foot.  He screamed and scrambled forwards further under the bed away from the hand but it grabbed him tight on the ankle and pulled him hard.  He screamed again, his hands sctratched at the floor trying to find a hold as he was pulled violently from his safe place.  He screamed.



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  1. Seriously cool story!! 🙂 🙂

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