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The Story – Chapter 44

November 1, 2013

Something grabbed me around the waist and hoisted me up into the air. At first I thought it was Sarah, but the fingers…claws? wrapped tight around my body were a dark grey not black. I struggled in its grip but honestly I didn’t struggle too hard. We were high off the ground and I didn’t want to fall.

I heard the sound of running feet and a few shouts. I think I heard Peter call my name but I was already high in the air and rising steadily. I looked above me but all I could see was a blood-red chest, deeply muscled and expanding and contracting with every breath. I grabbed at the foot/fingers holding me tight, thankful the great claws were retracted because they sure looked sharp. A gust of air beat against me and I realized it was coming from the giant red wings as we rose higher and higher into the sky.

I heard a familiar cry and looked down past my feet. Oh wait was that… I could see Sarah, her beautiful black wings flapping madly, racing to catch up. Herman and Peter were on her back. Peter’s wings looked as though they were flapping too, like he was trying to help Sarah reach me quicker. It didn’t look like it was doing much good.

The giant red dragon carried me further away, faster than they could follow.

Where was it taking me?


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