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The Story – Chapter 47

November 25, 2013

“You are here because I want you here.”

Okay yeah, I thought it was creepy too and kinda sexy but mostly creepy.

It was dark. So dark, I couldn’t even see my hand when I waved it in front of my face, at least I think that’s what I did–It was dark.

I spun around in a tight circle. I didn’t know where he was any more or where I was. All I knew was that his voice was soft, warm and surrounded me out of the darkness, the words whispered into my ear. I raised my hand to my ear and flapped it around just in case he was standing right there. My hand met empty air. I felt a little silly and hoped he couldn’t see me.

“What?” I said somewhat dumbly.

Really, I couldn’t have sounded more like a moron if I had tried. 

There was a click–it sounded like someone snapping his fingers and there was the match light again. I could see. I looked closely at the hand held only inches from my face. There was no match. He was holding the flame in his fingers.

Argh. I jumped back startled. “Oh my gosh,” I said. “You… You’re the one we’ve been looking for. You’re The Fire?”

The light went out again.

“Found me.”

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