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The Story – Chapter 48

November 29, 2013



Oh oh.

If you can remember way, way back to the beginning of my little adventure I was tasked with finding the mysterious Fire. At that time, I had no idea The Fire was a person… let alone a bad person.

Oh come on, he has to be a bad guy… I was kidnapped, flown away and trapped in a dark LAIR….

Of course he was a bad guy. What good guy does that, huh?

I was waiting for him to light his fingers again, but the cave stayed dark.

“Hello…” I called.

“Hi there,” he whispered. His voice came from right beside me.

“Arghhhh!” I jumped about a foot in the air. A hand touched my shoulder. I gulped–loudly.

“Well, you have me. Whatever will you do with me?” he whispered.

I had the awful feeling he was not the one caught in this scenario.

I turned toward where I thought he was standing. “You need to come back to the fairy cavern with me.” I said strongly, even though I was quaking inside.

His laugh was a caress against my skin. “Why?”


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