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The Story – Chapter 53

February 27, 2014

I wrapped my arms around myself as cold wind seemed to sneak its way into every gap in my clothes. Fred climbed to his feet and scurried over us to start building a web. I watched him spin for a little while, feeling myself drift. It was really kind of beautiful in a very, very, creepy way.

A fluttering caught my attention and I turned as Peter sat on the log next to me. I shuffled over a little. Did he need to sit that close, really?

“So,” he said. I stared at him and blinked slowly. In the distance, I could see Herman look our way, Sarah’s eye also turned in our direction. Oh, it was an intervention. The Fire stood staring into the dark woods beyond our camp. Peter cleared his throat and began again, “So, what’s the plan here? We just take this guy back with us?”

I blinked slowly at Peter again. His wings fluttered and wrapped over his shoulder. It looked like they were trying to keep him warm. I looked at The Fire. He was staring back at me. I guess everyone was interested in this conversation.

“Yup.” Yes, this late at night I was soooo eloquent.

Peter put his hand onto the log near my leg.  I looked at it oddly. “Did he do anything to you? Make you eat anything?”



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