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The Story – Chapter 54

March 11, 2014

I asked again, “What?” I was dumbfounded. Was Peter asking what I think he was asking?

Peter pulled his hand back but looked me in the eye. “Did. He. Do. Anything. To. You?”

Really, slow speech was necessary to make me understand? “Yes,” I said, “I heard you. I just didn’t understand you. I am not under the influence nor have I drunk a magic potion. I have not been be-spelled or anything like that. I am not being blackmailed or coerced in any way. I said, “Come with us,” and he said, “Okay”.”

Now Peter was the one who looked like he didn’t understand.

“Look,” I said putting a hand on his shoulder. I could feel the tremor of his wings as they fluttered rapidly behind him. “I have no idea what is going on here. Honestly. The guy gets his giant dragon to kidnap me and then, when he has me, he says he’ll come back with us. I do believe he is playing at something, I just don’t know what.”


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