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The Story – Chapter 55

March 12, 2014

Herman called us over at that point, “Soup’s up.” He stood over the pot stirring rapidly. My stomach growled in the quiet of the forest and all eyes leapt to mine. I laughed nervously and clasped a hand over my stomach.

Oh thank god. I patted Peter’s knee. “Let’s stress about it when we need to, huh?” I hurried to Herman and took the bowl he held out. A giant spoonful of the soup splashed into it and I returned to my log. Peter didn’t follow. He went to talk to Sarah. I watched them as took my first mouthful.

Oh My God, the soup was really good. I waved my spoon at Herman. He gestured back and dished out the rest.

“What was the fairy asking you?” The Fire’s voice came from my elbow.


I jumped. I know I jumped because what was left in my bowl landed on the dirt between my feet. All that amazing soup soaked into the ground before my very eyes.

“Listen, mate,” I snapped. “That was not cool.”

In the darkness I saw a glint of his teeth. “Was he warning you about me?”

“Does he need to?”

Teeth glinted again. “They are scared of me, I can sense it. But you, you aren’t scared. Why?”

I wasn’t sure how to answer him.


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