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The Story – Chapter 60

March 24, 2014

We spent all of the next day walking back. It was a long walk. Fred scurried ahead. Several times I thought we might have lost him only to have him reappear suddenly out of the shadows… scared me bloody stupid each time he did it. The two dragons flew overhead. Sarah flew several metres higher than the red dragon. They circled in opposite directions. It was a little mesmerizing. For the first few hours no one spoke. Herman was out front, “scouting.” I think he just didn’t want to walk with the rest of us. Peter stayed three steps behind me and I could feel his gaze burning a hole into the center of my back. The Fire walked about eight steps ahead of me. Seriously, it was like he was counting because every time I slowed down so did he, when I walked faster, he did as well. It was unnerving.

At several points throughout the day I wanted to start shouting or singing or talking… anything, about movies or books, just something to break the silence. I didn’t though. I was really impressed with my own restraint.

I was going crazy.

We hit the tower at sundown.


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  1. Kirsten permalink

    Fire is intriguing. You are really able to paint the scene well in just a few words…that’s a gift

    • It’s really hard! Haha, thank you for that, I am trying to keep each little section short… So it’s hard to pick the one event for each one so that it stays interesting…. Hahaha sometimes I pick the wrong thing!

      • Kirsten permalink

        I don’t know, it seems to me that you pick the right thing every time 🙂

      • Oh you are so kind, thanks. I hope it also makes you laugh? I certainly do

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