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The Story – Chapter 64

April 1, 2014

I rolled over and kept my eyes squeezed shut. I was warm and comfortable. I did not want to wake up. I could feel the spark above my right eye that said a headache was coming and I should really drag myself out of bed to swallow a migraine tablet but hey if it was early enough I could then roll back onto the pillow and let it take effect. I opened one eye to look up at the alarm clock.

Wait… no clock.

I opened both eyes.

No clock, no bed… I could see, barely. There was a dim light above my head that emanated from a crack in the stone. Crap… that’s right I’m in the tower. I racked my brain for the last thing I could remember but it was all a blur. I remembered being angry… steaming, but I couldn’t think of why. And stairs. I remembered walking down dirt or stone stairs. The back of my head ached with all this thinking. I touched the back of my head, OW!

Okay. I had fallen.

“Hi,” a voice came out of the darkness, this seemed remarkably familiar.

I climbed to my feet. I was standing on a giant soft mattress-like sponge.  Where had the voice come from? I peered into the dark. Was that water? I was surrounded on all sides by water and the voice came from the water’s edge.

I knelt down. “Um, Hello?” The voice sounded nice enough. Feminine, kind of low and soft. There was a splash near my hand.


I couldn’t make out a lot in the darkness, but as I knelt next to the edge I could see a faint glow coming from beneath the water. There was another splash and something scaly touched my hand.


I jumped back nearly falling off the other side of the small spongy stone. Okay, yup–that was a tail.

“Woops, sorry,” the voice giggled.

“No, I was just startled. I’m sorry, it’s just very dark in here.” I apologized. I felt my face heat but thankfully in the darkness the mermaid wouldn’t see my shame. I moved back to the water’s edge.

“I saw you fall. I wanted to make sure you were okay,” she said.

Now that my eyes were adjusting I could make out more of her appearance. She had long hair and was wearing a tank top in a darkish color. I was pretty relieved by that let me tell you. If she had just been wearing shells or a little bra top I would have felt really awkward. From what I could see–she was stacked. She seemed to be leaning or floating at the water’s edge.

I rubbed the back of my head. “A bit sore but nothing seems to be broken,” I said. I looked around but really couldn’t see a lot in the darkness. “Where are we?”

“My home,” she said with a sigh, “And my prison.”


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  1. Kirsten permalink

    Hmmm…you have me totally wondering what is going to happen next!! I can normally figure things out before I read it in the story, but not with yours!!

    • Well cool, that is a great comment… I try very hard to make it unpredictable but still make sense. I hope I am not rambling, sometimes even I wonder where it is going!

      • Kirsten permalink

        I don’t think you are rambling at all. I always look forward to the twists and turns of your plots!

      • Thanks! 🙂

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