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The Story – Chapter 66

April 3, 2014

I rolled my eyes. Sure, it lost effectiveness in the dark but at least I knew I had expressed my irritation with his comment even though he didn’t. The mermaid must have good eye sight. She giggled.

“Yes dear,” I called. “Can you perhaps come back after tea?”


I sighed. “Never mind. Hey, I’m stuck down here. Oh and I found a new friend, her name is…” I looked over my shoulder and raised a brow.


“Maddie the mermaid.” I called up and then paused. I looked at Maddie, “Really?”

She giggled again. “I’m glad to have met you,” she said with a laugh in her voice. “You’re funny.”

Story of my life. Looking up I saw The Fire nod his head and the flame disappeared. I assumed he left to tell the others.

“I’ve read stories about mermaids.” I said in a soft voice. I didn’t want to upset her but if I was to get her out of here, I needed information. “Do you have legs when you’re dry or on land?”

“Yes, what stories?”

“Um, just ones that my mum read to me when I was little. Can you come up here with me and dry off a little? Do you even have clothes?”

“Be right back.” She replied and with a splash, disappeared.

I sat down on the damp, spongy ground and tapped my foot. Was this a good idea? I guessed even bad ideas hadn’t stopped me of late. This was a good as any of the others I had made. And yet–in the dark–the back of my neck crawled.


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  1. Kirsten permalink

    Oh boy, the Fire and a mermaid…hmm. This could get quite interesting! Can’t wait to see what happens next. I used to want to be a mermaid 🙂

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