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Two Thieves in a Bunker – Part Four

April 15, 2014

Manny stumbled in the dark.  Gees, the other guy could at least shine the flashlight down enough so that he could see where he was walking, couldn’t he? Manny thought about asking but he didn’t.  He didn’t want the other guy to yell at him again.  Heck, it wasn’t his fault there were cops everywhere, well it was not completely his fault, seemed like the other guy had issues too.

“So where’s this damned door?” The other guy snarled.

Manny actually pictured the other guy’s face morphing into a werewolf and shivered in the dark. He shook his head, stop it Manny, he demanded of himself. Scaring himself silly was not going to help this situation at all.

“It was up there. I could see it from the end of the tunnel. We must be nearly on top of it.”

The other guy stopped and removed his hand from the mouth of the torch, bright light shone up and at the walls.  And there it was – the door.

The other guy moved aside and gestured with an arm outstretched.  “After you.”

Manny squinted at him.  They stared at each other for a long moment.  Fine! Manny stomped forward and tried the handle.  Nothing.  He pulled and pushed and still nothing. Grrrr, come one, stupid door! he put his shoulder to the door and pushed hard. Finally, with a loud squeal, the door moved.

Manny froze at the sound. He looked over his shoulder anxiously at the other guy. The other guy had also frozen where he stood. He flicked the torch off plunging them both into darkness.  Listening hard Manny waited to hear the sound of booted feet running in their direction. He waited.

“Christ can’t you be quiet?” The other guy snapped and switched the torch back on. He pushed Manny to the side and swung the light into the darkened room beyond. There was no movement in the light. “Looks clear.” The other guy didn’t look back as he walked through the door.

Manny waited for a scream.  Nothing.  The light disappeared with the guy and Manny could either stay there in the dark, by himself, or follow the guy through the door. He hesitated a moment longer.

“Are you coming?”

Manny shrugged though there was no one to see him.  “Yeah sure.”  He didn’t think the other guy would take it too well if he said he was waiting to see if something jumped out of the dark to eat him first.  Manny stepped through the door and pushed it shut behind him. He had to push it hard, it really was a heavy door and seemed like it hadn’t been moved in a long time.

The other guy was standing in the middle of the room.  He didn’t look at Manny as he entered.  He didn’t turn or move or even speak to him.

Manny looked to where the guy was shining the torch.  His eyes widened as he saw what the torch light rested on. “Woah!”


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  1. Kirsten permalink

    Oh come on…really?!? lol I can’t believe you did it to me again. What did they see…a hint, please!

    • Oh dear…. Muahaha sorry…. Well no really, I love this story

      • Kirsten permalink

        You’ve got me on the edge of my seat with both of your stories! You are a great writer!

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