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The Story – Chapter 71

April 17, 2014

The flap of my tent was thrust open. Herman stood in the doorway. Peter was just behind him and The Fire close behind. They looked around my tent carefully.

“Hey, having a party? Can we join you?”

“Wha?  I thought we were meant to be sleeping now.” I snapped. “Go away.” Why would they want to come into my tent now? Herman had been so insistent earlier that we should all have an early night.

Maddie sat back, her nose scrunched. She seemed annoyed. “I should go.”

The boys trailed after Maddie as she left. And I was left sitting on my cot staring at the door.

What was that all about?


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  1. Kirsten permalink

    Grrrrrrr…. REALLY? Okay, so you are a good storyteller to leave us hanging, but REALLY?!? lol What is the deal with Maddie? Friend or Foe?

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