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Two Thieves in a Bunker – Part Five

April 17, 2014

Chuck stared, his mouth open wide. One part of his mind realised this, but it was like his brain was disconnected from his body. He was thinking about his mouth being open without actively controlling the movement of his jaw. He felt more than saw the other guy step up behind him. The guy actually leaned on Chuck’s shoulder and exclaimed right into his ear.

“Holy cow!”

Chuck shrugged him off, “shhhhhh.”

They both stood and stared at the scene before them.

The room appeared to be just that, one giant room. It was about three times as wide as the corridor outside and possibly twice as long with high ceilings. The walls were plastered and painted and the stylised cornice made the room look like it could have been a living room out of some grand palace. The paint looked fresh. There were boxes and crates stacked all around the walls. The crates bore heavy stamped words like “Fragile” and “This way up”. Chuck was a little concerned to see the word “Caution” there as well. He held out a hand to stop the other guy as he tried to push past him.

“What are they?”

Chuck shrugged. “How would I know?” He swung the touch overhead just as the sound of footsteps sounded down the tunnel outside. “Quick, help me shut the door.”

Together they pushed and grunted and finally got the heavy door closed. Chuck shut off the torch and they stood side by side in the dark, listening carefully.

There was a muffled cry and the footsteps started to run, the sounds growing fainter the longer they listened.

“That was lucky.”

Chuck rolled his eyes and snapped the torch back on. “Yeah.”

The other guy followed him to the closest crate. “Could be treasure?”

Chuck stared at him, “seriously?”

The other guy shrugged.

Hell, of all the people to get stuck down here with, he gets a ‘positive’ vibe kind of guy. What a nightmare. Chuck slowly shuffled his feet, moving to one side away from the guy, but the guy just followed him, like a damned puppy.

“Should we open one?”

Chuck had no idea. He was curious, sure, but curiosity of this kind tended to get him in trouble. He thought about the painting he leant against the inside of the closed door. He should just focus on that, getting out of here and to his buyer as fast as bloody possible. But a flick of his torch reminded him that there would be no getting out of here any time soon. He shrugged and pointed to the crate. “Sure, why not.”


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  1. Kirsten permalink

    I’m hooked on this one too! I love these webisodes…that’s my term for them at least 🙂

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