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The Story – Chapter 72

April 23, 2014

We made good time the next morning. Within minutes of waking the entire camp was dismantled and Fred–once he had been tracked down and dragged back to the campsite–was loaded up. We headed out an hour after sunrise.

We had walked for three hours when I glanced at my watch. My watch was one of those ones that had the number of the date on the side. Thinking about the calendar back home, I started to swear… loudly.

“What?” Herman snapped as the whole group stopped to stare at me.

“I am missing Easter… We have got to get a move on.” I grumbled and swore to myself for the next hour. All those chocolate bunnies I’d be missing out on. I was really over this whole mission now.

So clearly I was distracted, right? The ground fell out from under my feet.  I screamed…


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  1. Kirsten permalink

    Grrrrrrrr….need I say more?!? Lol

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