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Two Thieves in a Bunker – Part Six

April 29, 2014

Manny stared in surprise and reached out a hand to touch. The other guy slapped his arm away so fast Manny didn’t realise what had happened before he looked down at his arm which was now pointing towards the wall.

“Don’t touch it!”

Manny looked at the guy. “What’s your problem man?”

The guy grabbed Manny’s arm and waved his own hand in front of his eyes. “Fingerprints? No gloves man. Not surprising you had cops after you, hell, what kind of thief are you?”

Manny looked at his fingers. Oh yeah, he figured the other guy had a point and tucked his hands back into his pockets so he wouldn’t be tempted again. He didn’t comment on the slight about his skills. The guy didn’t know how good he was. He’d just dumped the gloves a little too quickly this time around, that’s all. What would this guy know?

The other guy was holding one of the pieces of cloth in his hands, running gloved fingers gently over its length. It looked really soft and shiny. “Do ya think it’s expensive? I mean why else would it be hidden down here. Do you think each crate has the same stuff? It’s a pretty colour right? What’d ya reckon that is, peach? salmon? Very nice. We should take them with us you know, see if we can get anything for them.”

“Jesus Christ will you shut the hell up?” The other guy snapped at him. He looked mad. Manny wondered if the guy had an anger problem and thought about suggesting the guy take some deep breaths to calm down, maybe close his eyes and picture a beach somewhere? but he had the feeling the other guy wouldn’t take that very well.

“It’s probably just crap.”

“Yeah but if it is, why store it down here right? It’s nicely looked after, nicely stored.” Manny gestured around the room, “there’s heaps of them.”

The other guy dropped the material back into the crate. “You got enough room in that little baggie of yours to carry these crates huh?”

Manny rolled his eyes. “Look man, that’s just silly. Clearly we can’t carry the crates. I was thinking we take one of these blankets, scarves whatever they are with us. If they are expensive, we spit the rest right?”

The other guy stomped away and leaned against the wall. He slid down until he was sitting on the concrete floor.   Manny followed him but didn’t sit down. “Hey, My name’s Manny. Looks like we’re gonna be here a while right? So we should get to know each other yeah partner?”

“Oh Christ!”


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  1. Kirsten permalink

    This one is getting very interesting. I wonder what they are going to find out about each other?

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