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The Story – Chapter 74

May 5, 2014

It was close to midday and I was getting hungry. I had stopped holding The Fire’s hand a little while ago–I’m not sure why I had been holding it, so odd, and walked alone in the middle of the group. Herman had gone on ahead with the two dragons. Fred was behind us, I could hear him scuttling around. Maddie walked behind me with Peter and The Fire only a step behind her.

I imagined we were such an odd group as we walked. Mind you, I could also image that any bad guys or thugs or trolls would think twice about attacking us.

“Hi there,” Maddie said, coming up to walk beside me.


So I wasn’t chatty today–sue me, I mean–This morning had been kinda rough all right? And then falling in the hole… well yeah, I just wasn’t feeling too chatty.

“Did I say thanks before? For helping me out and letting me come with you? I really hope I did but if I didn’t, I really want to say thank you, so thank you. Cool? I knew you would be cool. It’s hot out here isn’t it? I am not used to hot weather, well any kind of weather. I like it, the sun I mean, though it is a bit hot. So I was wondering, where are we going? I am happy to come along, don’t get me wrong, I honestly have nowhere else to be today–or any day really, what day is this? I have no idea. Being trapped in a deep well will do that to you, you know, make you forget the day and all that. Wow, am I hungry, are you hungry? I sure am hungry, I haven’t eaten anything in such an age. Well, sure this morning but that was breakfast and breakfast was aggggeeesss ago don’t you think?”

Oh My God… She could really talk couldn’t she?

“I think we’ll be stopping soon.” I said quickly. If I let her keep talking I was afraid she wouldn’t stop. “It’s a Wednesday I think, but I’m not too sure either. And we are heading back to the Prince’s cavern.”

Maddie stopped abruptly. “The Prince?”

I looked at her. That was an odd reaction, she just stopped dead and I walked three more steps before I realized she wasn’t beside me. I turned around. “Yeeeess.”


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  1. Kirsten permalink

    Hmmm…more intrigue. Does Maddie know the Prince?!? You definitely keep us engaged with your characters. Great job!

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