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The Story – Chapter 77

May 13, 2014

Within moments we were surrounded by fairy police… seriously fairy police, police with wings, it was kinda cool. What would our world would be like if all the police had wings? Chase scenes would be far more interesting to watch.

I was asked to remove myself from Fred. Which I did rather awkwardly. After all, Fred is huge and I am very little. It wasn’t like dismounting from a horse… more like stumbling down the side of a hairy volcano, once I hit the downward angle, it was an ungainly run down his leg to land in a heap on the ground. I swear Fred was laughing at me, couldn’t really tell but his mandibles were clacking loudly.

I was then “escorted” to the main royal chamber.

Now remember, I have been sleeping in tents for the past few days, flown a dragon, fallen down a well and a giant sinkhole. I was in a battle and so on and on… I imagined I didn’t look–or smell my best.

I did ask if I could pop away to have a bath or at least stand under a waterfall or something equivalent but no, I was basically frogmarched into the main chamber and pushed into a plush arm chair.

Well sue me if I groaned really loudly at that… it had been ages since I’d sat on anything soft. It was heavenly.

An approaching flutter warned me of the Prince’s approach. I climbed out of the armchair. The Prince entered with a great flurry of movement. He stopped directly in front of me. “You have failed.”


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  1. Kirsten permalink

    Gee, that’s exactly what I’d want to hear after a week like that! What exactly was failed?!? Of course, you didn’t tell us that…grrr!! Lol

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