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Two Thieves in a Bunker – part nine

May 15, 2014

Chuck was glad for the powerbar, he’d been getting really hungry, but there was no way he was going to tell the other guy that.  Hell, if he started a conversation the other guy would probably have a fit out of happiness.

Chuck looked around their little Bunker.  He had no idea how long they should stay down here.  It felt like they had been here for hours already.  Maybe they had been.  The cops would keep searching for a while at least. Maybe a day or two.  They should stay here until the heat died down.  They were warm – ish, dry at least and sure they didn’t have a lot of food but – oh wait, water.

“Water.”  Manny said the word just as Cuck was thinking it.

Chuck looked at him in surprise.

Manny continued, “Yeah, water.  We need to get some.  Do you have any? I don’t.  I figure if we’re stuck down here a while we need water.  I’ve got a few more powerbars, did you like it? I like them.  They’re pretty good when you don’t have a lot of food with you but water, yeah.  We’re gonna need that.

Chuck sighed loudly.  “Well if you ain’t got any, and I don’t have any, then we can’t stay here can we?”

Manny looked at him heartbroken, hell the guy wanted to stay in this bunker hiding together?   It wasn’t like Chuck wanted to be stuck in here with the guy.  In fact, now might be a great time to get rid of him.  If he sent Manny out to get water and he didn’t come back, Chuck would know to stay hidden a while longer.  Maybe if the guy got caught the cops would stop looking for him and Chuck could escape?  Unless the guy gave him up.  Gees would the guy rat on him?  Chuck thought about it.  Could he take the risk of letting the guy out of his sight?

“We should go,” he said standing.

The other guy jumped off his stool and ran to the door checking his bag was wrapped tightly around his back.

Chuck leaned into the open crate with the silk.  He grabbed one and stuffed it into his pocket.  Manny looked at him with a question but Chuck grunted before he could start talking.  “I’m taking one.”

“Sure sure,” Manny agreed and snatched one up to stuff into his bag too.

Chuck just shook his head.  “If we hear the cops, we split up.” He ordered.

Manny looked sad, “But what if…”

“We split up.”  Chuck all but growled back.  “It gives us both a freaking chance all right?”

“Yeah okay sure.”  Manny answered.

Chuck pulled his mask back over his head and grabbed up the painting.  He stopped at the door. “No talking.”

Manny shrugged and helped him pull the heavy door open.  They stood in silence, listening carefully for the sound of footsteps.  Nothing.  Chuck pushed Manny ahead of him out into the dark.


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  1. Kirsten permalink

    Nice move…Chuck. Did Manny run into anything in the dark. Did something grab Chuck before he could follow Manny. Yikes, I’m scaring myself! lol

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