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The Story – Chapter 79

May 19, 2014

So I’d been down in this dungeon for a day or so. At least they fed me. And it was mostly warm. All in all, apart from the bars, I was reasonable comfortable. I wondered what happened to the others? I hoped they were safe. I had no idea who’d attacked us and why but at least I had a bed and had actually gotten a decent amount of sleep.

No, I was bored.

My cell was located at the bottom of a long dark tunnel. My guard was another fairy–he hadn’t told me his name but he seemed nice enough. Didn’t yell at me or call me names or anything, and brought me my meals pretty regular-like. No chocolate though–a clear indication that I was in a prison.

I paced back and forth this morning. I was feeling antsy and not sure why. I didn’t want to lie down or sit which just left standing or walking. So I chose to walk.

Up and down

Up and down.

There was a loud tap tap of footsteps approaching. I stopped at the edge of my cell and looked out. It was my guard and he was marching someone down the tunnel.

Herman! I was about to call out when he caught my eye and shook his head. Curious, I stayed quiet. The guard put Herman into the cell next to mine. I waited until he left before I said, “What are you doing down here?”

“Breaking you out,” he answered. Within seconds his cell was open and he was fiddling with the lock on my door.


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  1. Kirsten permalink

    You gotta love, Herman! I never know where you are going to take me next…love that about your writing!

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