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Two Thieves in a Bunker – Part ten

May 19, 2014

Manny followed Chuck down the tunnel. The guy made such a big deal about being a bad guy but really he was a big softy, Manny was sure of it. It was dark in the tunnel, but Chuck held his big flashlight out – covered with his hand of course, he wasn’t dumb or anything – but Manny could see that he held it in such a way so they both could see where they were walking. It was nice. Manny figured he’d better not draw attention to it, Chuck would probably start grumbling at him again. They walked for a long time.

Manny wondered where they were going. He walked a fraction faster until he came up alongside Chuck. He knew Chuck looked at him but he pretended not to see it.

“So where are we heading?”

Manny could see Chuck’s head droop a little. He hid a smile. See, the guy did like him.

“Be quiet,” was all he said.

Manny knew Chuck didn’t mean it, but he did drop his voice to a whisper when he spoke again, “Did you ever wonder why that bunker was down here? And why the crates were stored there. I mean someone must own it, right? It’s a weird place to hide stuff or even store stuff. Why a bunker.”


Manny looked at him then in surprise. “You didn’t notice the stamp… the black stamp on the door? Really? Wow you seem really observant that’s all, that’s why I didn’t point it out. I figured you’d seen it. Yeah the stamp, black ink, on the door?”

“What’d it say!” Chuck stopped and shoved his torch into Manny’s face.

“Hey,!” he grumbled putting his hand up to block the light. When Chuck pulled it away he answered. “Yeah, it said Vorsicht Bunker.”


“Yeah interesting huh? So war stuff maybe?”

But why the word ‘caution’? That was what Manny really wanted to know.

“Wait, you speak German?” Chuck asked. He sounded like it was a surprise. Why would it be a surprise to Chuck that Manny could speak German, weird.

“Ah, yeah, course.”

Chuck was silent for a while. They started walking again. Every eight steps or so they had to step over a rise in the tunnel and duck their heads. It was wait….. “The tunnel walls – they’re metal.”

“What?” Chuck shone the torch at the wall. He stopped and reached out with a hand. Manny did too. Cold to touch and shiny, yup metal.

“Okay, this is going to sound stupid, and I’m just saying it’s a dumb idea but… do you think we might be in a…?”

“What?” Chuck spat.

Manny whispered the work, “Submarine.”

“Gees” Chuck started walking again – that is stupid you’re right about that. Let’s get moving huh? There’s a hidden submarine stuck in underground tunnels in New York, I’ve never heard of anything more ridiculous.”

Hmmm, seems he’d pissed Chuck off. That was a lot to say in one breath for Chuck. Manny squinted and stared into the darkness up ahead. “There’s a light up there.” He said, his voice dropping to a whisper.

“Thank Christ.” Chuck clicked off the torch. They both stopped while their eyes adjusted to the dim glow. “When we reach the surface, we go separate ways alright?”

Manny was sad for a moment, “Ah, yeah okay,” he agreed.

The light came from the roof of the tunnel and the closer they got to it the higher the roof grew.

They reached for the metal ladder at the same time. Manny looked up and could see a manhole cover at the top of the long ladder. Manny nodded at Chuck who stepped back and gestured broadly for him to go first. Manny started to climb and when he reached the top he looked back down at Chuck. “See you around sometime?” He asked, wanting to get an answer before they left each other.”

He thought he heard Chuck say, “Not if I see you first,” but he figured he was mistaken. He pushed the manhole cover up slightly. It sure was heavy. He couldn’t see anyone standing outside of it or any feet so he figured it would be okay to climb out.

He looked back down. He couldn’t see the other man.

“Chuck?” Manny called, “Chuck?”

There was no answer. He closed the cover and looked around as his eyes adjusted to the dark again. He saw something hanging on the ladder and quickly climbed down. It was Chuck’s silk scarf. He’d tied it to the bottom rung of the ladder. Chuck was gone. Manny ducked his head. Shame, the guy seemed like a good guy, if a little angry sometimes. He untied it and tucked it into his jacket pocket.

Manny quickly climbed up the ladder again, lifted the cover and climbed out. He was in a little side street.   That was lucky, it meant no one saw him climb out. He closed the cover behind him and looked around. Quickly he tugged his jacket straight and made sure his bag was still secured over his shoulder. He felt the bag, the jewels were still there and he could feel them through the soft leather.

He grinned and turned around. At the mouth of the side street he hovered for a moment wondering which way to go. He looked left and then right again.”

“Well, hello, Sir.” There was a tap on his arm.

Manny froze. Turning, Manny found himself face to face with three police officers. Two held their weapons out pointed directly at him. The one who had tapped his arm grinned happily at him and pointed with a finger for him to turn around. Manny sighed and put his hands behind his back.


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  1. Kirsten permalink

    Where is Chuck????? I wasn’t expecting this turn of events at all! Well played. I wonder where you are going to take us next!

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