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The Story – Chapter 81

May 27, 2014

So we waited…

And waited…

And waited…

I fell asleep.

Oh stop laughing, it was dark, quiet and I felt safe knowing Herman was here and well, I closed my eyes for a second and the next thing I knew Herman was shaking me awake. “Wha?”

I think I’d been drooling–my jaw was tacky and I rubbed at it embarrassed while Herman glared–I assumed he glared–it was still dark.

“Time to go,” he said and pushed me aside to slip out of the cupboard.

Once the door was open, I could hear it too. A whistle, high-pitched and curiously in tune.

Herman headed left. I followed him. At the corner we were pulled into a secret door–cool. I said as much.

Maddie grinned at me and then pointed to The Fire.  “”He found it.”

I looked at The Fire carefully. Found it, I wondered, or already knew it was here? He was looking over my shoulder so I could look at him without being watched. He turned and caught my eye. He smiled gently and raised a finger to his lips. Interesting, he knew I suspected something. I looked at both Maddie and Herman, they didn’t seem to have seen our communication.

It looked like The Fire had dressed with care today. His black outfit was snug and fitting. Hair brushed and pulled to the side, face groomed but dusted with a dark shadow. He looked good. Herman looked like usual and Maddie was dressed in a pretty dress. It showed off her long, long, long legs. I looked down at myself and sighed sadly. Then I realized what was missing.

“Where’s Peter?”


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  1. Kirsten permalink

    The Fire intrigues me. Maybe it’s the whole Bad-Guy, but Good-Guy thing. I can’t get a handle on which side of him will win out! lol

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