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Two Thieves in a Bunker – Part Thirteen

June 11, 2014

Chuck walked quickly from the police station. Just being inside gave him a severe case of hives. He shook his head, why was he even bothering to help this guy? It was something he couldn’t explain to himself. He dreaded to think it was because he… Christ no… he did, he actually liked the guy. Chuck grumbled as many curse words as he could in thirty seconds as he pulled his phone from his pocket.

At least the suit looked good. He caught a glimpse of his own reflection in the glass of the police station doors. He actually looked like a lawyer!

His brother – the actual lawyer in the family, would be so pissed right now if he knew. It added to the rush pulling this caper off gave him to be honest. The phone twitched in his hand. Chuck looked down and hit send on the twitter feed. Then he took off for the other side of the road to wait for the fun to happen.

Chuck was walking down the street a moment later with a Triple shot mint white chocolate mocha when he hear them coming. First five, then ten and in moments at least a hundred people all wearing black “robber” costumes ran down the street towards him and burst through the doors of the police station.

Ahhh, gotta love a flash mob. So easy to direct.

Using the distraction to make a few a quick arm actions, he jimmied the lock on the white sedan sitting on the street outside and a second later and he had the motor running.

Manny strolled out of the police station along with at least nine of the milling mob. He spotted the white car idling softly and slipped in the passenger side door. “Wow, that was amazing,” he started.

Oh Christ, Chuck swore again to himself, had he actually forgotten how much the other thief could talk?

“That was brilliant, seriously, You said to wait for the noise before making a break for it and man did they all make a racket, did you know what they were saying? haha, it was fantastic, they were all shouting that they “did it”, that they robbed the Trevellys, ha. Man, there were cops everywhere and all these people in black masks jumping up and down and demanding to be arrested. I just walked right through them, man, it was awesome. Where did you get all those people?”


Manny kept talking, “Oh Chuck, man, I was sitting at that table thinking I was done for, but man – you, you got me out. I thought you’d left me, or you know, set me up but wow. I am just so happy right now, oh is that coffee? I would love a coffee, can we stop for coffee, and maybe a burger? I am sooo hungry, I could reall….”

“Arghhhh, just shut up would ya?” Chuck finally snapped.

Manny did, for about a minute. Chuck pulled the car out from the street and drove sedately along the main road. “Um, can I just say one thing more?”

“Arghhhhhhhh!” Chuck grit his teeth, “sure.”

“Thank you. I do appreciate you getting me out. I wish it had been before they got my prints, but at least I’m out, so yeah, thanks.”

“You mean these prints?” Chuck handed over the printed card he swiped from the office.

“What? How?”

“Forget about it. They hadn’t scanned them yet, so ya should be good. Just lie low yeah, until they stop searching. They still got ya photo, I blurred it up sure but there’s probably station cameras or such so – yeah. Whatever.”


Chuck could feel Manny grinning at him. It made his skin crawl. Seriously if the guy touched him right now he’d stop the damned car and kick the guy to the kerb.

It was quiet for a moment. Chuck knew it couldn’t last and to no great surprise Manny started to talk again.

“So, um, what now?”

“Now?” Chuck finally turned and grinned at the other man. “Now, we’ve both got a job to do. That bunker? The silks? Yeah… They’re Chinese silks… really, really ancient ones…. And they’re really, really expensive. So we’re gonna go get em.” Chuck faced forward and gunned the engine. The white sedan sped out of town.

The End.



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  1. oh no you didn’t!! Is that seriously, the end?!?

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